Dropping kajongg in KDE Applications 17.12

Wolfgang Rohdewald wolfgang.kde at rohdewald.de
Tue Nov 15 03:33:08 UTC 2016

Am Montag, 14. November 2016, 23:29:00 CET schrieb Albert Astals Cid:
> El divendres, 11 de novembre de 2016, a les 19:30:36 CET, Wolfgang
> Rohdewald
> va escriure:
> > > Hi, my proposal would be to make KDE Applications 17.08 the last
> > > release
> > > we
> > > accept applications based on kdelibs4, that means people have a year
> > > until KDE Applications 17.12 to port the applications from the list
> > > below to KF5.
> > > 
> > > The ones that aren't ported we would just drop to unmaintained or if
> > > they
> > > have an active developer team that somehow doesn't want to move to KF5
> > > they could move to "extreagear".
> > 
> > None of this applies to kajongg
> > 
> > I do actively develop kajongg, meanwhile it is even ported to python3
> > (The latest python-twisted release finally made this possible).
> > 
> > And I definitively want to port it to KF5.
> You don't think you can achieve that in a year?

Porting to KF5 is the easy part, of course I can.
> > But there is no way how I could do that until KF5 has KDE bindings.
> you mean python bindings, right?

> > And I have neither the knowledge nor the time to work on the bindings.
> Have you actually brought that up to someone that may be able to help?

Did you follow the mails about KF5 python bindings? 
I cannot imagine they will be ready in time, I'd rather guess they need
at least 2 years.


 (reported 6 years ago!) means that not even the
combination python3 / KDE4 python bindings works.

means kajongg cannot use any KDE4 bindings at all anymore,
and Luca Beltrame commented that this is probably never going to be fixed.

> What's the difference between a qt application and a KDE application?

I thought there are some visual differences but now I cannot see any.
Maybe they used different styles in the past, I do not know much
about styles.

The main difference concerning kajongg is missing functionality
like changing language from GUI (I should be able to add that
without too much work) and a GUI for configuring keyboard shortcuts.

So essentially, kajongg  is not a true KDE application anymore and 
probably never will  (unless KF5 python bindings are written) but
it tries hard to behave like one.


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