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Hello Martin,

Am 16.02.2014 17:41, schrieb Martin Klapetek:
> Hey,
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>     Hello all,
>     I have written my first plasmoid. I called it PlasmaTaskViewer,
>     because it views the todos of a calendar file.
>     In my case it shows the entries of my iPhone reminder app.
>     I would be happy if someone reviews my code. I am especially
>     interested in comments about the use of kcalcore and the data engine.
>     But every other comment is welcome, too.
> I just did a quick look over your code and tried to build it. You'll 
> need to explicitly look for KdepimLibs + set include_dirs in order to 
> build everywhere with no problems. Attached is a simple patch fixing 
> the build.
Thank you very much for the patch and your comments.
Yesterday, I checked in your patch.

> I tried running it but have no .ics files present so can't really try 
> it out. Though your configuration dialog is somewhat too small and 
> cannot be resized easily for some reason. One more comment on the 
> visuals - if I add the applet is added on the desktop and you have no 
> data/must set it up first, it should show some label what to do, 
> otherwise it's just an empty Plasma-themed rectangle sitting on your 
> desktop :)
I already noticed the issue with the configuration dialog, but couldn't 
figure out how to fix it, yet.
I will add the label with one of my next changes.
> Final note, we do not really support Applets based on QGraphicsView 
> anymore, the proper way to go is to use QML, which is way superior in 
> tech and ease of writing. I think this[1] should be a good way to get 
> you started :)
I will read the tutorial and decide afterwards, if I will change something.
I don't know much about QML, I thought it was only a specific 
programming language for QT development.
So, currently I don't understand the advantage. But we will see.

> [1] - 
> Cheers
> -- 
> Martin Klapetek | KDE Developer

Best regards,

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