[Owncloud] New App - OC as blogging-engine

Christian Reiner foss at christian-reiner.info
Fri Dec 21 14:40:18 UTC 2012

Hi Martin, 

On Friday 21 December 2012 14:47:39 Martin Schröter wrote:
> I recently developed something in php that works like tumblr or any other
> micro-blogging service.
> I now just thought if it might not be a good idea to develop something like
> this as an app in owncloud. All user-management and stuff is already there.
> Just wanted to brainstorm a bit about what this App should do:
> - The Backend (what will be the app in oc) should look like an email inbox.
> - All Posts you write are messages (with text, links or photos) which are
> either public or private. - Those posts which are public are rendered on an
> acessible site, which can be shown by anyone (even not oc-members). That
> might be the tricky part if this could be done in the oc-concept.
> What do you think? OC as blogging-engine?
> I think it might be possible, as I see oc as a whole framework where several
> kinds of apps are possible.

I would love to see apps like this widen the spectrum of features owncloud 
offers. I myself also thought that something like a really simple 'homepage 
app' would make sense. Something where users can maintain their 'business 
card' in the web without having to setup a full blown cms system. Your idea 
pionts into the same direction. ownCloud is all about sharing data and 
information. So why not share information about oneself? This is one of the 
things the web is there for in the end!

So thumbs up from me!

Christian Reiner (arkascha)
foss at christian-reiner.info

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