[Owncloud] New App - OC as blogging-engine

Martin Schröter pscience at me.com
Fri Dec 21 13:47:39 UTC 2012

Hello there,

I recently developed something in php that works like tumblr or any other micro-blogging service.

I now just thought if it might not be a good idea to develop something like this as an app in owncloud.
All user-management and stuff is already there.

Just wanted to brainstorm a bit about what this App should do:
- The Backend (what will be the app in oc) should look like an email inbox. 
- All Posts you write are messages (with text, links or photos) which are either public or private.
- Those posts which are public are rendered on an acessible site, which can be shown by anyone (even not oc-members). That might be the tricky part if this could be done in the oc-concept.

What do you think? OC as blogging-engine?
I think it might be possible, as I see oc as a whole framework where several kinds of apps are possible.

Best regards


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