[Owncloud] New App - OC as blogging-engine

Christian Reiner foss at christian-reiner.info
Sat Dec 22 20:23:05 UTC 2012

Hello Martin, 
I played around with the idea a little more and came up with an annoying 
problem. Actually I came to that conclusion month ago when tinkering with that 
homepage app I described in my previous reply. Couldn't find an easy solution 
for this, I fear you will face the same problem. Maybe you see an approach: 

When publishing blog entries, a 'homepage' or business card, any information 
one wants to publish to the world, requests to such content usually comes from 
anonymous guests. So the content has to be presented without a previous 
authentication. That does not match the current ownCloud architecture. 
ownCloud is able to publish information world readable, but only through the 
'public.php' services. This means long and very ugly urls, certainly nothing 
you want to publish to announce your public blog or homepage. It should be 
possible to work around this by introducing an alias or rewrite directive, the 
app could actually do this by using the .htaccess style rules and manipulating 
that file. However still the url will not be a very clean one. 
Not sure currently if it would be possible to replace ownClouds default 
behaviour to present the login form when no explicit page is requested. This 
would have to be done to get a 'clean' url as desired. 

To me this sounds like a detail where it might make sense to discuss the best 
approach. A general feature to make the 'default view' inside ownCloud 
configurable would be a good idea. I _think_ I remember this has been 
discussed before, since people asked if it would be possible to use another 
app than the files app as default app. 

Christian Reiner (arkascha)

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