[Owncloud] Upload Button on 4.5.4 is broken again?:)

Simon Brereton simon.buongiorno at gmail.com
Fri Dec 7 14:18:24 UTC 2012

On Dec 7, 2012 8:14 AM, "MJ Ray" <mjr at phonecoop.coop> wrote:
> Jan-Christoph Borchardt <hey at jancborchardt.net>
> > MJ Ray: That’s a fair point, but continuously seeing issues reported
> > on the issue tracker and here on the mailing list decreases the amount
> > time we can actually focus on working on fixing it.
> Sure, I agree with this - people can check the issue tracker for free
> and should do so before posting here.
> > Github is the main platform we chose, and if that’s a problem then
> > it shouldn’t annoy you if it takes long to get an answer from
> > developers on the mailing list. Sorry if that sounds harsh, but we
> > have enough on our plates as it is – if you want to make it easier
> > for us developers, just report it directly at Github.
> Github is the platform you chose despite the warnings, so you should
> accept the consequences of that choice instead of rebuking.  One of
> the conequences, which was warned about, is that some users and
> non-core developers are reporting issues on the surviving open
> platforms like the list and forums.
> > Besides that, the Github terms are quite ok, especially if you just
> > use it to report issues: http://tos-dr.info/#github-tosdr
> No, they're not.  In short, there's a big thumbs-down for having to
> write github a blank cheque indemnity and the information point about
> having to provide one's legal full name should be a thumbs-down too.
> But we already know we disagree about this: you've agreed to github
> and others have not.  Please continue using Github if you like, but if
> you want to make it easier for us developers and users, please accept
> other reports and patches nicely.

I have to say, I agree.  I was asked to make a ticket but I will not
because I cannot accept github's privacy policy.  So, I sit and wait in
silence for my tiny problem to be solved.  Since I am not a coder I cannot
contribute and therefore have to accept decisions like moving to github
(which I think was the right one btw) and the consolidation of tickets
there (which I don't think is the right decision - if I didn't have privacy
issues, I would use Google's cloud, and so far my need for owncloud does
not outweigh my need for privacy so accept it is what I have done).

I don't see why you can't have a separate bug tracker, or even a person who
consolidates issues in your chosen bug-tracker, but until you do I will be
waiting without a voice.

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