[Owncloud] CSS: use px, not em

Arman Khalatyan arm2arm at gmail.com
Wed Dec 5 10:21:41 UTC 2012

Strange suggestion, From my experience: We move our applications to em
, we got angry quickly when we used px instead of em, also when one
try to use web-application on different type of devices, with
different scale factors of fonts in user defined settings and
on large screens em is important unit, because some users are using
Ctrl+ to increase content to see it.

On Wed, Dec 5, 2012 at 9:54 AM, Christian Reiner
<foss at christian-reiner.info> wrote:
> Hello...
> On Wednesday 05 December 2012 01:09:17 Jan-Christoph Borchardt wrote:
>> Just a short public service announcement concerning everyone who writes CSS
>> in ownCloud:
>> Please only use px as values, no em anymore.
> Though I agree that this might make a few adjustments easier right now we
> should not ignore the reasons why some values are are noted as flexible
> measurements.
> Fact is that users use dofferent font sizes. Various reasons for that, one
> important is a barrier-free usage, simply 'exotic' display resolutions, or, as
> in my case, very good eyes.
> Whilst a reduction on absolute measurements does not exactly break usage in
> such cases it certainly makes the user experience a very ugly one. That is not
> what ownCloud wants...
> Maybe you could explain a little more detailed why you suggest such rule?
> Thanks,
> Christian Reiner (arkascha)
> [ foss at christian-reiner.info ]
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