[Owncloud] Updater breaks installation

Norman RieƟ norman at smash-net.org
Tue Dec 4 10:35:36 UTC 2012

Hi Victor,

maybe some metadata could be introduced giving information for the
current running version and the latest version directly in the updater.
People could see the changelog or special features and decide if they
want to update to the latest version.
And people could be warned about their version like "This version is
seriously outdated, please update." or "Issue with Updater, please see


Am 04.12.2012 11:21, schrieb Victor Dubiniuk:
> Hi Cristopher,
> My apologies for this mess. You didn't need to recreate the database as
> it was caused by missing config.php file after update. It can be solved
> by using config.php from the updater backup. [1]
> This bug is fixed in the Updater shipped with OC 4.5.4. [2]
> Sorry, that my attempts to inform the community about this issue were
> insufficient.
> [1] http://forum.owncloud.org/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=6636
> [2] https://github.com/owncloud/apps/issues/233
> ---
> Victor
> On Tue, Dec 4, 2012 at 1:02 PM, Christopher Kunz <chrislist at de-punkt.de
> <mailto:chrislist at de-punkt.de>> wrote:
>     Hi,
>     I just tried updating via the updater app from 4.5.2 to 4.5.4. That
>     update broke the installation in two ways:
>     a) The database was recreated after the updater had completed -
>     prompting me with a "finish installation" screen upon reload
>     b) (Forced?) Introduction of password salts to config/config.php made
>     the old accounts inaccessible.
>     I copied my backup of owncloud.db back into data/, commented out the
>     password_salt config entry, and can now access my OC instance again.
>     How can this happen? This is not really the kind of "seamless upgrade
>     experience" I'd expect from a web-based updater...
>     Regards,
>     --ck
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