[Owncloud] Updater breaks installation

Christopher Kunz chrislist at de-punkt.de
Tue Dec 4 10:33:22 UTC 2012

Am 04.12.12 11:21, schrieb Victor Dubiniuk:
> Hi Cristopher,
> My apologies for this mess. You didn't need to recreate the database
> as it was caused by missing config.php file after update. It can be
> solved by using config.php from the updater backup. [1]
> This bug is fixed in the Updater shipped with OC 4.5.4. [2]
> Sorry, that my attempts to inform the community about this issue were
> insufficient.


no worries, I sorted it out. I was only a bit concerned what would
happen if end users tried updating. Maybe there's a way to show the
information about this issue in the Administrator configuration screen?


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