D16926: Review user interaction in session management

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  @ngraham Thanks for the VDG/screenshot advice, will hopefully remember that the next time :-)
  > The bottom-most button should be aligned to the bottom of the list box, as @cullmann suggested
  Oh, I misread that, sorry. Somehow was "Open button" in my mind, that's because my answer about grouping.
  The space(r) is there to avoid unneeded "Mouse-Meters" :-) Consider any default dialog where the horizontal buttons also placed at one side (usually right) and not at opposite ends. Here they are vertical at the top.
  > The Close button should probably be renamed "Select" or "Choose" so it's clear that the selected session will be made the active one
  The Close button close the dialog, like Abort. If you mean to rename "Open" I can do it. But IIRC was the old dialog buttons named the way as they are currently.
  > "Copy As..." would be better worded as "Duplicate..."
  Can do it, but "Copy As..." is something I have often seen, "Duplicate..." on the other hand (?)
  > The Sort Alphabetical button should be a combobox with the different sorting options
  That would be less handy, and unneeded annoying. Do you notice that the caption will changed when you click on it?
  > the Don't ask again checkbox. What's being asked?
  It's borrowed from the removed (old) KateSessionChooser dialog and only shown in "Chooser Mode". Guess it was there named "Always use this choice" but that text was too long and would break the nice layout. I didn't find a better place for that. How about at tool tip text as hint?
  > It's not clear what the New Anonymous ... do
  Old naming was "New Session"
  > and Open as Template buttons do
  Keep all settings, but don't open documents, as new anonymous session. See also D16926#360472 <https://phabricator.kde.org/D16926#360472>
  @anthonyfieroni Will do it.
  But let me explain that I always keep such a like comments there to show you guys that my shipped solution is the result from a couple of considerations. Sometimes to avoid unneeded questions, sometimes to request suggestions for better solutions, sometimes to inform you that there could be something generally improved. In the latter case with the hope you say, "No, because.." or "Yes, would be great, (will trigger some guy | please do it)"
  Would be nice to get some more opinions, and clear advice how to fix some of these obscurities, if really needed.
  Additionally shot of the unfixed dialog in "Manager Mode". Notice the different window title, order of entries (hard to find, sorry), caption of the sort button, gone check box and how the buttons are placed when the window has more height.
  F6442557: 1543242921.png <https://phabricator.kde.org/F6442557>

  R40 Kate


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