D16926: Review user interaction in session management

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  In D16926#366355 <https://phabricator.kde.org/D16926#366355>, @loh.tar wrote:
  > The Close button close the dialog, like Abort. If you mean to rename "Open" I can do it. But IIRC was the old dialog buttons named the way as they are currently.
  Then the close button is not necessary at all; the window always has its own close button.
  >> "Copy As..." would be better worded as "Duplicate..."
  > Can do it, but "Copy As..." is something I have often seen, "Duplicate..." on the other hand (?)
  To me, "Duplicate..." sounds more natural, and I don't think I've seen "Copy As..." in English in very many user interfaces.
  >> The Sort Alphabetical button should be a combobox with the different sorting options
  > That would be less handy, and unneeded annoying. Do you notice that the caption will changed when you click on it?
  That's a bad UI, sorry. Buttons shouldn't change their text like that. The combobox was invented for exactly this use case. :)
  >> the Don't ask again checkbox. What's being asked?
  > It's borrowed from the removed (old) KateSessionChooser dialog and only shown in "Chooser Mode". Guess it was there named "Always use this choice" but that text was too long and would break the nice layout. I didn't find a better place for that. How about at tool tip text as hint?
  Not sure I'm familiar enough with how any of this functionality actually works. I'll defer to the #kate <https://phabricator.kde.org/tag/kate/> folks here.
  >> It's not clear what the New Anonymous ... do
  > Old naming was "New Session"
  "New Session" seems better to me. It should have the `list-add` icon.
  >> and Open as Template buttons do
  > Keep all settings, but don't open documents, as new anonymous session. See also D16926#360472 <https://phabricator.kde.org/D16926#360472>
  I still have no idea what this means. :)

  R40 Kate


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