Installation of KDevelop on RedHat 6.1

Tim Rohrer tgrohrer at
Thu Mar 30 09:15:18 UTC 2000

Is qt installed?  Try running 'rpm -q qt' to check.  Are you going to develop
the panel application using kde or only qt? Have you looked around the kde
website ( and the qt site (  The redhat website
should have any rpm you need unless you are going to the edge (i.e., developing
from the cvs or using snapshots).

You will also need to decide if you are developing for kde2/qt2 or kde? If the
app you are developing is a classroom assignment, and you don't really care
about it beyond that, your are probably fine with kde.  If this is a long-term
project you are planning to support, I recommned going with kde2.  The kdevelop
documentation has a decent write up about installing kde2 that largely works.  


On Thu, 30 Mar 2000, you wrote:
> >%_Hi,
> I am new to the Linux world. I have to develop an panel application.RedHat 6.1 in the KDE desktop enviroment.
> I want to install KDevelop. Can u please send me a proper install procedure so I can install the KDevelop
> enviroment and get started on with the  samples atleast.
> I have tried to install the Kdevelop, but on creating a generic application with the AppWizard it gives me the following error.
> configure error :QT-1.4(headers and libraries) not found. Please check ur installation.
> I have been at it for a week now. Please let me know one singular place from where I can get all the needed
> files required for a proper installation on REDHAT 6.1. and also tell me what all files of REDHAT 6.1 I need to modify
> to get KDevelop working.
> Thanks
> Pras

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