Installation of KDevelop on RedHat 6.1

Prasanna ppp at
Thu Mar 30 05:58:46 UTC 2000

I am new to the Linux world. I have to develop an panel application.RedHat 6.1 in the KDE desktop enviroment.
I want to install KDevelop. Can u please send me a proper install procedure so I can install the KDevelop
enviroment and get started on with the  samples atleast.
I have tried to install the Kdevelop, but on creating a generic application with the AppWizard it gives me the following error.
configure error :QT-1.4(headers and libraries) not found. Please check ur installation.
I have been at it for a week now. Please let me know one singular place from where I can get all the needed
files required for a proper installation on REDHAT 6.1. and also tell me what all files of REDHAT 6.1 I need to modify
to get KDevelop working.

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