Getting Started

Tim Rohrer tgrohrer at
Wed Mar 29 10:14:39 UTC 2000

I'm getting restarted on a project I worked on last fall.  The project aims to
display and print addressbook info on different forms (like Avery
labels). After playing for awhile, someone told me about the khtml widget and
its printing abilities.  So, I've started to look at that using kde2 libs. 

Since I'm new to C++ and KDE, I decided to try kdevelop.  I've established a
new project (reportdemo2) using a KDE2 normal template.  I'm getting confused
between the doc and view classes and the purposes of each.  Should I put the
khtml construction in the views constructor? Or, in the newDocument method.  Is
there an easier way to set document types? Anyone know of examples I can work

Tks in advance.

Tim Rohrer
tgrohrer at

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