Problems regenerating Documentation

Michael McConnell mmcconnell at
Sat Mar 25 22:13:18 GMT 2000

I'm not certain I'm correct or even in the right ball park on this answer as I
don't really keep current, in regards to cvs development. But one thing that comes
to mind as a possible solution would be to check to see if you have the correct
version of QT to go with the version of KDE you are using. It seems as though KDE
is making calls to object that don't exist in the QT libraries.

Another thought would be to try recompiling QT...


Maniac wrote:

> Sorry for the length of this message but information is golden )
> I have successfully compiled the CV sources and would like to
> regenerate the documentation.
> I had a working set but apparently I overwrote the docs so now I don't have any.
> Here's the output of makekdedoc when I'm in the KDELIBS source dir
> /usr/bin/makekdedoc: generating qk...
> kdoc: reading lib: qt
> kdoc: processing qaction.h
> kdoc: processing qcanvas.h
> Unidentified decl: template class Q_EXPORT QList< QCanvasItem >;
> Unidentified decl: template class Q_EXPORT QList< QCanvasView >;
> Unidentified decl: template class Q_EXPORT QValueList< QCanvasItem* >;
> kdoc: processing qdom.h
> kdoc: processing qiconview.h
> kdoc: processing qpolygonscanner.h
> kdoc: processing qxml.h
> warning: QAction inherits unknown class 'QObject'
> warning: QActionCollection inherits unknown class 'QObject'
> warning: QCanvasItemList inherits unknown class 'QValueList'
> Can't locate object method "AddPropList" via package "qdom.h" at
> /usr/lib/perl5/5.00503/ line 541.
> kdoc call failed:
> kdoc --strip-h-path --format html --compress  -n 'qk'
> -d '/home/kde/kdelibs/srcdoc/qk' -L '/root/.kdoc' -u
> '/home/kde/kdelibs/srcdoc/qk' 'qaction.h' 'qcanvas.h' 'qdom.h' 'qiconview.h'
> 'qpolygonscanner.h' 'qxml.h' -lqt
> Any assistance is greatly appreciated.
> Maniac at
> A single tasking guy in a multi tasking world.

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