Problems regenerating Documentation

Maniac Maniac at
Sat Mar 25 19:17:55 UTC 2000

Sorry for the length of this message but information is golden )
I have successfully compiled the CV sources and would like to
regenerate the documentation. 

I had a working set but apparently I overwrote the docs so now I don't have any.
Here's the output of makekdedoc when I'm in the KDELIBS source dir
/usr/bin/makekdedoc: generating qk...
kdoc: reading lib: qt
kdoc: processing qaction.h
kdoc: processing qcanvas.h
Unidentified decl: template class Q_EXPORT QList< QCanvasItem >;
Unidentified decl: template class Q_EXPORT QList< QCanvasView >;
Unidentified decl: template class Q_EXPORT QValueList< QCanvasItem* >;
kdoc: processing qdom.h
kdoc: processing qiconview.h
kdoc: processing qpolygonscanner.h
kdoc: processing qxml.h
warning: QAction inherits unknown class 'QObject'
warning: QActionCollection inherits unknown class 'QObject'
warning: QCanvasItemList inherits unknown class 'QValueList'
Can't locate object method "AddPropList" via package "qdom.h" at 
/usr/lib/perl5/5.00503/ line 541.

kdoc call failed:
kdoc --strip-h-path --format html --compress  -n 'qk' 
-d '/home/kde/kdelibs/srcdoc/qk' -L '/root/.kdoc' -u
'/home/kde/kdelibs/srcdoc/qk' 'qaction.h' 'qcanvas.h' 'qdom.h' 'qiconview.h'
'qpolygonscanner.h' 'qxml.h' -lqt                   

Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

Maniac at
A single tasking guy in a multi tasking world.

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