Problems regenerating Documentation

Ralf Nolden Ralf.Nolden at
Sat Mar 25 23:33:01 UTC 2000

Michael McConnell wrote:
> I'm not certain I'm correct or even in the right ball park on this answer as I
> don't really keep current, in regards to cvs development. But one thing that comes
> to mind as a possible solution would be to check to see if you have the correct
> version of QT to go with the version of KDE you are using. It seems as though KDE
> is making calls to object that don't exist in the QT libraries.

That has nothing to do with this problem. It´s a kdoc error sometimes
occuring due to the "formatting" of the header files in kdelibs. sending
these kind of errors to kde-devel at is the solution here. The
kdelibs developers will fix it then.

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