advantage by compiling kde on your own pc....?!

AndiX33 at AndiX33 at
Fri Mar 24 16:23:55 UTC 2000


michael mcconnell wrote:
> When using
>  KDevelop, i'd recommend that you install both KDE and QT from a source 
> package, compile it, and install it yourself. This will
>  result in both better preformance, and it will make them work >with more 

what improvement can  i  expect when compiling kde from the source. i did it, 
but just for fun.
can you express it in real numbers how much faster programs will run then? 
and what do you mean writing " will make them work with more programs". 

andreas schmitzer

ps: having compiled all from the source and  then writing "make clean" 
doesn´t really delete the folder with my extracted source-packages. can i 
delete the - now useless- source-folder or do i harm my system then?

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