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Thu Mar 23 08:26:19 UTC 2000

Robin POSS wrote:
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> >
> >> If some documentation could answer all these questions, please tell me
> >> where I
> >> can find it.
> >
> >info cvs
> I doubt I will be able to find there some info about how KDevelop interacts
> with CVS...
> Thanks anyway.
There is an updated documentation on this. We had to change some things
in the appwizard to make this work correctly, so if you´re using CVS or
CVSup you should get the newest KDevelop.  When creating a project with
the appwizard, you have to select cvs as version control and specify a
directory for CVSROOT where your sources are building an initial cvs
module -which is different from the copy you work with as specified in
the appwizard. Then you should be able to use cvs locally just easy.

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