ANNOUNCE: New Verson of Kpp

ian reinhart geiser geiseri at
Mon Mar 20 02:55:05 UTC 2000

	I have updated the Kpp so that it should work
	with the newer KDevelop.  

	The URL is:

	There are a few new features too, 
		* RPM Icon Support
		* Ability to pass in variables to the
		  RPM build process
		* Compatiability with am_edit
	I am testing it currently so please take a look
	at it.  Let me know how it breaks on other systems.

	It builds and runs under LinuxPPC R5 and RH 6.1 Alpha.

	If people running SUSIE and Mandrake could please get
	back to me and let me know of any snags that would be


	-ian reinhart geiser

Ian Reinhart Geiser <geiseri at>
DEC Unix Systems Adimistrator and
	Computer Engineering Student

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