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Marcus Gruendler runner at
Sun Mar 19 10:41:31 UTC 2000

On Sam, 18 Mär 2000 you wrote:
> Hi,
> I am trying to compile a project which contains CORBA idl files. The
> products are a "filename.hh" and a "" file, which needs - of
> course - to be compiled. I found a proposed solution in the mailing
> archive, but it doesn't work!

Hi Reiner,

I had the same problem some weeks ago. After some information on this list i
also tried the same as you did and got exactly the same errormessages. 

After i had done some investigation, i found out that the problem is that
automake can not cope with some special features of GNU-Make like 
$(wildcard ...). Automake tries to find out which sources are contained in your
project and generates make rules in order to produce *.o files from these

Since your solution describes the project sources with a wildcard construct
(which is not understood by automake), automake does not find *any* source file
and produces some senseless rules.

I did not find a good solution to this problem. The only workaround is to
handle the source files (normal source files an idl-generated ones) by hand
in the This can be done by replacing the $(wildcard) constructs by
the filenames that would match this wildcard. Unfortunately this avoids every
file management from KDevelop... :-(

Bye, Marcus.


> IDLSOURCES = $(wildcard *.idl)
> EXTRA_DIST = $(wildcard *.cpp) $(IDLSOURCES)
> testserver_SOURCES = $(wildcard *.cpp) $(IDLSOURCES) $(patsubst %.idl,
> %.hh: %.idl
> --- snip END ---
> Hitting the "Build" Button produces this output:
> --- snip ---
> cd .. && automake --gnu testserver/Makefile
> cd .. \
>   && CONFIG_FILES=testserver/Makefile CONFIG_HEADERS= /bin/sh
> ./config.status
> ccreating testserver/Makefile
> lomniORB2 -lomniGK_stub 
> make: lomniORB2: Command not found
> make: [testserver] Error 127 (ignored)
> *** success ***
> --- snip EBD ---

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