Where to put compiler options?

Jacek Wojdel wojdel at chrysler.kbs.twi.tudelft.nl
Mon Mar 20 10:00:10 UTC 2000

> I personally think DEFINES should be published by config.h (or by the
> shell/make variable $DEFS) and not as supposed inside the CXXFLAGS.

Completely agreed. I just couldn't find a way to do it. I think that automake's
info pages should get something like 'obscurity award'. It seems to me that
one can find information in them only after one knows it already (kinda
Murphy's law?).

> (Jacek... I think AC_SUBST(CXXFLAGS) isn't necessary here - because it
> is an "internal variable", is it??!!)

Could be... this is in fact a result of shot gun debugging my own configure.in,
I never thought it will get as far as the official FAQ.

Regards and thanks for help (my configure.ins are _really_ thankfull),

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