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Fri Mar 17 17:10:48 GMT 2000

On Don, 16 Mär 2000 you wrote:
> I have just installed and tested kdevelop 1.1. Good work!
> But I'd like to suggest some improvements: 
>   - The settings dialog should contain an entry field where I
>     can specify additional include directories (-I), and another 
>     one for macros (-D).

Hi Steffen,

This feature is already implemented by KDevelop. Look at the project options
  Project->Options (F7)

The tab "Compiler options" shows a text field called "additional options". You
can put every additional compiler options like -I/some/dir or -DMY_MACRO in
this line.

The same is true for the "Linker options" tab.

Bye, Marcus

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