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Fri Mar 17 19:59:46 UTC 2000

Marcus Gruendler wrote:
> This feature is already implemented by KDevelop. Look at the project options
> dialog:
>   Project->Options (F7)
> The tab "Compiler options" shows a text field called "additional options". You
> can put every additional compiler options like -I/some/dir or -DMY_MACRO in
> this line.

please read that mail from Jacek Wojdel about that. You are going to
loose your -D (and probably -I values) if you´re going to make a tarball
and distribute it. However, for -l -L and -I settings you have to add
configure checks, so you can ensure that these values are found on the
target system (like the KDE checks in configure which are somehwhere in
aclocal or whereever).


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