Steffen Offermann steffen.offermann at
Thu Mar 16 12:33:34 UTC 2000

I have just installed and tested kdevelop 1.1. Good work!

But I'd like to suggest some improvements: 

  - It would be nice if I were able to name an output directory
    for the executable and (maybe a different one) for the *.o

  - The settings dialog should contain an entry field where I
    can specify additional include directories (-I), and another 
    one for macros (-D).

  - The compiler and linker should be started from the main project
    directory, but not from the respective sub directories that 
    contain the sources. Specifying addional include directories 
    by relativ path names would otherwise be rather difficult.
  - There should be an option to build libraries from the development
    environment, too - not only executables.

That's it for now. I have not yet spent very much time with kdevelop,
since I have to do other work, but I think it is quite an interesting


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