API generation doesn't work since snapshot 20000313

Ralf Nolden rnolden at kdevelop.de
Wed Mar 15 19:05:24 UTC 2000

Achim Spangler wrote:
> Hi,
> with the kdevelop snapshot 20000313 I can't update/generate the API
> documentation.
> I suspect that this is caused by the changes for namespace parsing.
That was only on the doctree and that had nothing to do with the API
generation of your project. It was because the kdoc reference files have
namespace classes as filenames in the form of namespace::class which
isn´t correct as the :: is replaced by __ in the filename of the html
files. So I always got file not found when I looked up the KDE 2 api for
namespaces like kparts and kio and so I changed it and now that runs
fine again. 

The only thing I see is that it takes some time to read the
crossreferences here on my machine, but I get the output and the reset
to normal status after generation.

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