couple of bugs.

Berndt Josef Wulf wulf at
Tue Mar 14 05:42:53 UTC 2000

Eric OURSEL wrote
> > 3: When clicking on a class under the CV tab the header file gets loaded
> > under the "header/resources" tab/window but the cpp file doesn't get
> > loaded
> > under the "c/c++ files" tab/window. To change to that file you have to
> > switch
> > to the "LFV" tab and click on the file directly. This is REALLY
> > annoying.
> Yes, You are right. I think there are still bugs in the classparser.
> Sometimes, it can't find the definition of the class so it only shows
> the declaration. 
> I have noticed also that some methods are not shown in the tree view. I
> think it is always a problem with the classparser. 

I've noticed something similar under CV/Globals/Variables... when
deleting and creating a global variables, the old variable name was
retained  but the new variable was missing in the listing.

Sysinfo: Kdevelop-20000310, NetBSD-1.4.1-i386

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