llornkcor llornkcor at
Sat Mar 11 12:47:09 UTC 2000

> Probably not possible. I don´t know where emacs has its cursor position
> when you leave it. Anyway, we can´t play much with emacs since the FSF
> will sure have something against that as they always do when KDE is
> envolved.
	Actually what I meant is the cursor in the kdevelop editor. Because now, when I
edit the file in emacs, I have to click on the file in the fileview of kdevelop
to get it to see it has been modified, and then click 'yes' that I want it to
rebuffer.  When it rebuffers, the cursor is at position 0, and I have to hunt
and peck to find my way back to the line where I was before. 
 	I know that it would be possible to do it externally with emacs,( the
functionality is there in emacs) because  there is an add-in (free -comes with
source) to VC++ editor that you can use emacs in place of the editor. Even
going as far as being able to click on any class in the class view, or file in
the file view, and emacs will pop-up with the cursor sitting nicely in the
proper place. Or even being able to search  for words and clicking on the
line in the output view, and emacs will pop-up with the cursor on the line in
the file. I don't see the FSF saying ANYTHING about _that_. And VC++ is _FAR_
from being open source.


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