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Fri Mar 10 15:50:22 UTC 2000

llornkcor wrote:
> I have a suggestion.... and since the development is turning towards kdevelop 2,
> this may be moot.
> But, I always use emacs along side of kdevelop, as the editor in emacs is more
> developed, and has my preferences for indentation, and better
> syntax highlighting. My suggestion is, to be able to have kdevelop remember
> where the cursor is, and automatically rebuffer the file (instead of having to
> click 'yes' every time), if it is modified outside the kdevelop editor, and move
> the cursor back, at least to the same line number, or even just the same
> function as before.
> Just a thought....
> LP
Probably not possible. I don´t know where emacs has its cursor position
when you leave it. Anyway, we can´t play much with emacs since the FSF
will sure have something against that as they always do when KDE is

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