Fork bomb?

Stephen Webb stephen.webb at
Mon Mar 6 19:57:13 UTC 2000

On Mon, 06 Mar 2000, Scott Manson wrote:
> Hello 
> I just cvsup'd the sources to KDev and ln -s admin to the correct directory
> opened the KDevelop project file ran configure --with-qt-dir=/myqtdir
> --prefix=/opt/kde2 and KDev configured fine... the problem arose when I tried
> running Make.
> Make just took off and seemed to fork new makes until the system was so
> overloaded the only thing I could do was reboot.  I switched to a console
> fairly quickly once I saw what was going on and did a killall kdevelop but that
> didn't work so switched back to X and there was where the problem manifested
> itself to where I couldn't do anything as I was waiting and waiting for a
> mouse/keyboard event to be recognized.

If it's any help, GNU make has a feature in which it will exhibit the behaviour
you desribed if it's trying to do a recursive make on a non-existant
subdirectory.  Check your paths again.

Stephen M. Webb
stephen at

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