Fork bomb?

Scott Manson Maniac at
Mon Mar 6 18:20:53 GMT 2000

I just cvsup'd the sources to KDev and ln -s admin to the correct directory
opened the KDevelop project file ran configure --with-qt-dir=/myqtdir
--prefix=/opt/kde2 and KDev configured fine... the problem arose when I tried
running Make.

Make just took off and seemed to fork new makes until the system was so
overloaded the only thing I could do was reboot.  I switched to a console
fairly quickly once I saw what was going on and did a killall kdevelop but that
didn't work so switched back to X and there was where the problem manifested
itself to where I couldn't do anything as I was waiting and waiting for a
mouse/keyboard event to be recognized.

I tried for about 15 minutes to get X to recognize an event and finally tried
the 3 finger Windoze salute.  I ran into this problem when I was running
Mandrake 6.0 a while back and couldn't duplicate the problem so I just chalked
it up to a stray cosmic ray. Now that I have upgraded to Mandrake 7.0 I don't
think that was the problem.  

Has anyone else experienced this or anything similar? 
I'm at a loss as to why this is happening.

Maniac at
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