Modern editors and "clipboards"

Serge Lussier lusse at
Mon Mar 6 09:08:32 UTC 2000

John Zedlewski wrote:

> I agree, I'm often frustrated by single-buffer clipboards.  It turns
> out, however, that there's a great KDE utility to apply this feature to
> ALL your applications.  Try running "klipper".  It will dock in the KDE
> panel for you and any time you click on its icon (or just hit its
> shortcut, which defaults to CTRL-ALT-V, I think), it will pop up a cool
> little clipboard-history, which shows you all your most recent copied
> items, then you just click on the one you want to insert.  I highly
> recommend it.
> --JRZ

( I hope the above text is not HTML )
Yes, and there are plenty of clipper utils for Windows also.
Thanks for your suggestion. I haven't (heard  ?)  about Klipper.
I read also that VI/VIM/Emacs have  non-automatic cummulative clipboard.
anyway, I'm going to get'n try it ( Klipper ) right now.



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