Some suggestions

Robin POSS robinposs at
Mon Mar 6 02:43:25 UTC 2000


Here is a bunch of suggestions:

how about imitating emacs'incremental search in the standard
editor ?

How about, when the alt key is held down, transforming the pointer into 
little hand allowing the user to scroll up and down the text he is 
using the mouse? (needs less precision than using the scroll bar)

how about an intelligent auto-completion feature which always displays 
in a
yellow box under the cursor on the right some completion suggestions for
word you are typing? If you are happy with the first one just type enter
the word is typed for you. This tool would make the use of long variable
much more comfortable, and maybe ameliorate readability (people won't 
code n=4
but rather number_of_nodes_in_network_#2=4, given that
number_of_nodes_in_network_#2 is just num[enter] to type.

how about  a wishlist for KDevelop
like the one already existing for
I wouldn't be annoying you
with suggestions that were done
zillions of times before anymore.
(It's not practical to search the archive
with "suggestion" or "wish" as a keyword to figure out if someone has 
made that suggestion).

how about not resetting the "tree view" after each "scanning files..." 

About the "tree view", when I launch Kdevelop the vertical scroll bar of
tree view is hidden and I have to push the editor view a bit to the 
right to
find it. Maybe someone could fix that.

What is the meaning of the "default" check in the [options][syntax
highlighting] dialog box? Shouldn't there be a button "reset to default"
resets the style to default when clicked rather?

best regards,

Robin POSS

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