Problems with API generation for Terminal application + Question about namespaces and classparser

W. Tasin tasin at
Thu Mar 2 20:37:31 UTC 2000

Achim Spangler wrote:

Rehi Achim,

> OK - what about a BIG (enough) notice/warning at the web-page with the
> description of the new kdk?

ChangLog readers would know about the switches... ok... kidding a little
I changed the INSTALL file... to explain again the configure-switches.
I also changed the part on the website... hope that people will read and
recognize it.

> I looked at this page - noticed then the changelog information from
> 28.2.2000 (after!! release of kdk-1.1) belonging "docbase support" and

BTW: if you are still using SuSE 6.3 you won´t need this (debian docbase
but I understand your intention...

> decided to use the newest kdevelop snapshot for my new kdk installation.
> ==> a hint in the kdk-1.1 description in the table row of kdoc2 would
> have done the job for me
> Maybe it's worth to build a kdk-1.1a with explicit insertion of the
> 28.2.2000 snapshot.

Let's wait... maybe there will be some documentation updates or similiar
in the next few days...

> > Means by default:
> > kdevelop.m4 (of kdk) = --enable-kdoc2
> > kdevelop.m4 (of kdevelop) = --disable-kdoc2
> >
> I'm not shure - isn't it possible to check the version with "kdoc -v"
> and to set the configure flag dependent on the output?

Ohhh no.... writing another m4-function only for this -as we hope-
"last" 1.x version?
SORRY, but not me... there are other - more important things to do....

> Greetings,
> Achim


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