Problems with API generation for Terminal application + Question about namespaces and classparser

Achim Spangler spangler at
Thu Mar 2 15:45:33 UTC 2000

"W. Tasin" schrieb:
> Achim Spangler wrote:
> >
> > Achim Spangler schrieb:
> > > I just installed the new kdk-1.1 and used the newest snapshot of
> > > kdevelop (28.2.2000).
> > >
> > I'm not shure if the default behaviour of the complete kdk is equivalent
> > to my
> > installation procedure (I replaced the kdevelop directory by the newest
> > snapshot
> > in the same place; run "make -f Makefile.cvs" in the kdevelop dir and
> > used the installation procedure of th complete kdk), but if the
> > installation script for the complete kdk-1.1 doesn't call the kdevelop
> > configure with "--enable-kdoc2" this should be fixed, please!
> >
> Hi Achim,
> should I really do so?? There are many users which still uses KDoc 1...
> so they would complain about it.
> In KDK I made it on proposal, because there are only kdoc 2 compatible
> packages...
OK - what about a BIG (enough) notice/warning at the web-page with the
description of the new kdk?
I looked at this page - noticed then the changelog information from
28.2.2000 (after!! release of kdk-1.1) belonging "docbase support" and
decided to use the newest kdevelop snapshot for my new kdk installation.
==> a hint in the kdk-1.1 description in the table row of kdoc2 would
have done the job for me

By the way - it's really worth while to use kdoc2!!
I just finished rebuilding the API of my library - it's very good -
better layout and informations as kdoc1!!

> So to find a SOLUTION for your special usage (I name this special
> because not everyone is always up-to-date with the CVS version):
> Either compile the kdevelop package standalone, with the --enable-kdoc2
> switch...
Hmh - I'm not shure - if somebody decides to install kdk-1.1 and he
notices a later
change in the source code of kdevelop (Changelog at the website!), he
could decide
to compile the big and powerfull kdevelop in the most actual version,
instead of
installing everything from the kdk-1.1 tarball, and later (!) updating
to the Changelog

Maybe it's worth to build a kdk-1.1a with explicit insertion of the
28.2.2000 snapshot.

> Means by default:
> kdevelop.m4 (of kdk) = --enable-kdoc2
> kdevelop.m4 (of kdevelop) = --disable-kdoc2
I'm not shure - isn't it possible to check the version with "kdoc -v"
and to set the configure flag dependent on the output?

A QUESTION to kdoc2 people, who read emails of this list:
Is it possible to tell kdoc2 to create different documentation trees for
different namespaces??

In case of my library I have some Lib internal classes in a namespace
that is different from the interface classes within another namespace. 
I want to help users of the library to get informations about the
interface objects without
overwhelming them with documentation about the internal objects.

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