minor bug in "debug with args" and wishes

T. Hain th223 at eng.cam.ac.uk
Thu Mar 2 16:24:44 UTC 2000

First of all congratulations to that great IDE, it is really really marvellous,
very stable and fast!

I'm using kdevelop-1.1 on Mandrake 6.1. 

Kdevelop crashes, if the argument in debug with arguments is too long 
( I haven't tested the exact length, but I think 200 chars will do the trick )

For the wishlist:

a) It would be great if the debug with arguments could be extended in the 
   way kdbg implements it ( i.e multiple sets of arguments to chosen from )
b) could you please sort the list of structures by name as well 
    ( as you do the class list )
c) If a structure is in the structure list, it would be great to go to its
    defintion from the source code rather than by the list ( which may be qute
    long ) by right clicking ( like you implemented the grep and doc look-up )

Thank you for this great program.

Thomas Hain 
SVR Group , Speech Lab                            
Department of Engineering, Trumpington Street     
University of Cambridge, UK                       email : th223 at eng.cam.ac.uk

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