Installing kdk's kdelibdocs_kdoc2, exec-prefix woe

W. Tasin tasin at
Thu Mar 2 19:31:14 UTC 2000

Matt Gumbley wrote:

Hi Matt,

> Hi, sorry if either of these are FAQ's (in which case, where's the FAQ
> for kdevelop?)
> I've downloaded the kdk-1.1, and noticed the following two problems...
> 1) if your exec-prefix != prefix, configure stops during configuration
> of kdesgmltools, complaining that it can't find your kwm. Changing lines
> 789 and 790 of kdesgmltools/configure to:
> if test -n "/usr/local/kde/bin /opt/local/kde/bin $KDEDIR/bin
> $exec_prefix/bin"; then
>  for dir in /usr/local/kde/bin /opt/local/kde/bin $KDEDIR/bin
> $exec_prefix/bin; do

sorry but patching this won´t help...
I even want to know where your kwm is installed... and where your KDEDIR
env. variable 
points to...

how do you invoke configure ?? which additional parameter do you apply?

> Fixes it for me (sorry, no diff available)
> 2) I've installed with make install, but this doesn't seem to have
> installed the prebuilt kdelibs documentation. make install in
> kdelibdocs_kdoc2 doesn't seem to do anything other than create
> directories to hold the docs (under /opt/kde/share/doc/HTML/en, which I
> assume is fine). What's wrong? Is there some magic Makefile target
> that'll do it all?

really strange... hmmm... the documentation will be installed under
Maybe you have to set the documentation path manually inside KDevelop,
because your "old" kdevelop configuration does still point on the wrong

Has the c_cpp_reference been installed correctly? to check this have a
look at 
there have to be three directories C, CPLUSPLUS, GRAPHICS

> Help! Can't wait to start using kdk!
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