Installing kdk's kdelibdocs_kdoc2, exec-prefix woe

Matt Gumbley mgumbley at
Thu Mar 2 16:47:20 UTC 2000

Hi, sorry if either of these are FAQ's (in which case, where's the FAQ
for kdevelop?)

I've downloaded the kdk-1.1, and noticed the following two problems...

1) if your exec-prefix != prefix, configure stops during configuration
of kdesgmltools, complaining that it can't find your kwm. Changing lines
789 and 790 of kdesgmltools/configure to:

if test -n "/usr/local/kde/bin /opt/local/kde/bin $KDEDIR/bin
$exec_prefix/bin"; then
 for dir in /usr/local/kde/bin /opt/local/kde/bin $KDEDIR/bin
$exec_prefix/bin; do

Fixes it for me (sorry, no diff available)

2) I've installed with make install, but this doesn't seem to have
installed the prebuilt kdelibs documentation. make install in
kdelibdocs_kdoc2 doesn't seem to do anything other than create
directories to hold the docs (under /opt/kde/share/doc/HTML/en, which I
assume is fine). What's wrong? Is there some magic Makefile target
that'll do it all?

Help! Can't wait to start using kdk!
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