Problems with API generation for Terminal application + Question about namespaces and classparser

W. Tasin tasin at
Thu Mar 2 14:56:07 UTC 2000

Achim Spangler wrote:
> Achim Spangler schrieb:
> > I just installed the new kdk-1.1 and used the newest snapshot of
> > kdevelop (28.2.2000).
> >
> > I can't update the API of a C++ terminal application anymore.
> > Is this a feature or a bug?!?
> > If I try to build the API, I get the following:
> > ------
> > Can't read from LBS_Library 0 at /usr/local/bin/kdoc line 220
> >         main::parseFiles() called at /usr/local/bin/kdoc line 161
> well - looking closly at all documentation, I detected, that kdevelop
> has a new(?) switch for using kdoc2...
> --> please insert a information for using the
>     --enable-kdoc2 feature in the kdk part of the kdevelop website
> I'm not shure if the default behaviour of the complete kdk is equivalent
> to my
> installation procedure (I replaced the kdevelop directory by the newest
> snapshot
> in the same place; run "make -f Makefile.cvs" in the kdevelop dir and
> used the installation procedure of th complete kdk), but if the
> installation script for the complete kdk-1.1 doesn't call the kdevelop
> configure with "--enable-kdoc2" this should be fixed, please!

Hi Achim,

should I really do so?? There are many users which still uses KDoc 1...
so they would complain about it.

In KDK I made it on proposal, because there are only kdoc 2 compatible

So to find a SOLUTION for your special usage (I name this special
because not everyone is always up-to-date with the CVS version):
Either compile the kdevelop package standalone, with the --enable-kdoc2

or copy all to the kdk/kdevelop (_except_ the file kdevelop.m4) so you
will get the same result. 

Means by default:
kdevelop.m4 (of kdk) = --enable-kdoc2 
kdevelop.m4 (of kdevelop) = --disable-kdoc2 

I don't think that changing it to a unique sistematic would be the right
way for the kdevelop 1.x branch... In Kdevelop 2.x the kdoc 2 will be


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