Problems with API generation for Terminal application + Question about namespaces and classparser

Achim Spangler spangler at
Thu Mar 2 14:28:34 UTC 2000

Achim Spangler schrieb:
> I just installed the new kdk-1.1 and used the newest snapshot of
> kdevelop (28.2.2000).
> I can't update the API of a C++ terminal application anymore.
> Is this a feature or a bug?!?
> If I try to build the API, I get the following:
> ------
> Can't read from LBS_Library 0 at /usr/local/bin/kdoc line 220
>         main::parseFiles() called at /usr/local/bin/kdoc line 161
well - looking closly at all documentation, I detected, that kdevelop
has a new(?) switch for using kdoc2...
--> please insert a information for using the 
    --enable-kdoc2 feature in the kdk part of the kdevelop website

I'm not shure if the default behaviour of the complete kdk is equivalent
to my
installation procedure (I replaced the kdevelop directory by the newest
in the same place; run "make -f Makefile.cvs" in the kdevelop dir and
used the installation procedure of th complete kdk), but if the
installation script for the complete kdk-1.1 doesn't call the kdevelop
configure with "--enable-kdoc2" this should be fixed, please!

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