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Wed Mar 1 22:06:18 UTC 2000

On Wed, 01 Mar 2000, you wrote:
> After doing so everything is really perfect (on 
> my system, no warranty...)! So maybe there's a 
> very hidden and sophisticated problem deep deep 
> in the kDevelop installtion stuff. I'm no LINUX / 
> kDevelop expert, but i remember reading about the
> strange message (see above) some times in this
> forum.

This is standard GNU autoconf/automake stuff. It has nothing "strange" or a
"deep" problem, but it does what it says: it checks for the Qt libs (it does it
by compiling a small qapplication). So if you don't have the Qt libs and
includes properly installed you will get the error above. This is in no
way related to KDevelop; every contemporary GNU application and util
uses the ./configure -stuff for easy Un*x portability. You should be
glad to see the error because you _will_ run into problems when
creating a project in KDevelop (and, in fact, by compiling ANY Qt/KDE
source) if you don't fix your path/library/variable settings. Just try to
configure and compile any other Qt/KDE application and you will get the 
same error!
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