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Martin Piskernig martin.piskernig at
Wed Mar 1 19:24:41 UTC 2000

On Wed, 01 Mar 2000, you wrote:
> I installed 1.1, that was a mistake !

I don't think so, 1.1 is by far the most stable and feature-full release ever.

> Once again I'm faced with an ancient problem. Namely 'checking for Qt...
> configure: error: Qt- 1.4 (libraries) not found. Please check your
> installation!  ***failed***'

This is NOT a problem of KDevelop but of your installation (as the text says).
There are several reasons for this:
a) You didn't export the QTDIR variable to the right Qt path
(you will also need a correct KDEDIR later in the ./configure process)
b) You didn't add the $(QTDIR)/lib to your /etc/ (and running
ldconfig after it) or to the LD_LIBRARY_PATH (you will need $(KDEDIR)/lib
later on, too)
c) You didn't install the Qt includes (should be package qt-devel or similar)
(and maybe qt-compat)
d) You overwrote the 1.4 libs with your 2.0 libs, I guess you should totally
uninstall qt-2.0 if you don't need it, because it will surely conflict with
other software as well if you don't know how to setup it in the right way.

> Working with kdevelop has once again become very frustrating !

You didn't work with it, you didn't even get it to compile - so "working with
kdevelop" can't be "frustrating" yet;  q.e.d.

PS: Please rethink your writing style ('mistake', 'frustrating' ect. in this
usage are no words which make it easy to others to try to help you!!)  
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