D15530: kdev-clang : somewhat more complete ObjC(++) support

René J.V. Bertin noreply at phabricator.kde.org
Mon Sep 24 08:40:25 BST 2018

rjvbb added a comment.

  >   Sure, I am mainly interested here that we use MIME type ids which also accepted elsewhere, and not invent our own here and ignore the rest of the world :)
  >   Once e.g. shared-mime-info has some version accepted, we can then provide fall-back variants in the kdevelop s-m-i files installed.
  I don't understand, that sounds like a contradiction. As soon as s-m-i has some version accepted we could stop providing our own code (when that version has become common in distroland), is that what you wanted to say?
  And what could be different in "their" official version - isn't an s-m-i entry just a slightly glorified extension mapping? (Which if "they" get their way I would implement from A-to-Z going through alpha to omega.)
  I'll try to figure out today if you're correct in thinking that Qt on Mac uses a different source for mimetypes and if I can learn anything from that. If x-obj++src is defined there we could use it there at least, no?
  >   At least with s-m-i the header files are "recognized" using the file suffix, which of course makes C++ headers using ".h" being mis-identified
  I've always wondered about that, but somehow it doesn't seem to be an issue in KDevelop.
  >   So if there is a special file suffix for x-objchdr (which IMHO there should be just for sanity), there is at least one chance.
  I have never seen anything of the kind, which is a bit strange given that ObjC does introduce its own `#import` keyword that one is supposed to use instead of `#include`.  Even Apple's own headers all use .h, presumably because quite a few of them can be imported in regular C(++) code too.
  At least they *have* an extension, contrary to "native" C++ headers ;)

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