D15530: kdev-clang : somewhat more complete ObjC(++) support

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  In D15530#330911 <https://phabricator.kde.org/D15530#330911>, @rjvbb wrote:
  > >   Sure, I am mainly interested here that we use MIME type ids which also accepted elsewhere, and not invent our own here and ignore the rest of the world :)
  > >   Once e.g. shared-mime-info has some version accepted, we can then provide fall-back variants in the kdevelop s-m-i files installed.
  > I don't understand, that sounds like a contradiction. As soon as s-m-i has some version accepted we could stop providing our own code (when that version has become common in distroland), is that what you wanted to say?
  Yes. I meant, once we have something outside of kdevelop accepted=recognized as MIME type id, we then know what to use ourselves as well.
  So let's first please do some effort to have a MIME type id agreed on by others (ideally this would be something done in the Objective-C++ community where you might have your contacts to poke), then we can rely on the result here (in our intermediate s-m-i data installed).
  > And what could be different in "their" official version - isn't an s-m-i entry just a slightly glorified extension mapping?
  The main feature of s-m-i is to have some database with MIME type definitions everyone uses, so things are compatible, especially when it comes to the MIME type name/id.
  And yes, it would be great to have more magic inside the database, but if no-one works on that, it's often only extension mapping.
  Still s-m-i is better than nothing and better than lots of incompatible-id bubbles.
  >>   At least with s-m-i the header files are "recognized" using the file suffix, which of course makes C++ headers using ".h" being mis-identified
  > I've always wondered about that, but somehow it doesn't seem to be an issue in KDevelop.
  At least the source-formatter is failing on C++ headers named .h and treating them as C, as it relies on info from QMime* which uses only shared-mime-info db (where there is no proper magic around to tell if it's not rather C++).

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