D15530: kdev-clang : somewhat more complete ObjC(++) support

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  In D15530#330605 <https://phabricator.kde.org/D15530#330605>, @rjvbb wrote:
  > Doesn't KDevelop already add (install) a few mimetypes of its own? I think I mentioned before that I do have a .xml file for SMI, adding the x-objc++src definition and I presume that's why I am not seeing mimetype warnings about ObC (I'm seeing others though.)
  > Installing our own is the best way to be certain the definition is there - cf. the discussion around the astyle library and e.g. Debian Stable.
  Sure, I am mainly interested here that we use MIME type ids which also accepted elsewhere, and not invent our own here and ignore the rest of the world :)
  Once e.g. shared-mime-info has some version accepted, we can then provide fall-back variants in the kdevelop s-m-i files installed.
  > As to x-objchdr, I'm not certain. In fact I even wonder how a difference can be made between x-chdr and x-c++hdr ... but if that's indeed possible it should be trivial to add something for x-objchdr too.
  At least with s-m-i the header files are "recognized" using the file suffix, which of course makes C++ headers using ".h" being mis-identified (which has become one reason for some to not use .h with C++ headers).  Convenience link to the rules: https://cgit.freedesktop.org/xdg/shared-mime-info/tree/freedesktop.org.xml.in
  So if there is a special file suffix for x-objchdr (which IMHO there should be just for sanity), there is at least one chance.

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