"KDE 3 is obsolete and largely unmaintained"?

Allen Meyers chef11994 at sbcglobal.net
Mon Oct 27 13:01:14 GMT 2008

Some of you I am sure will immediately assume the position of "this uninformed newbie needs to butt out"
The first thing I learned in PC literacy was if its Beta, in development stay away from it UNLESS you have the expertise to sustain the glitches and your responses are from a management by objective focus rather then management by "crisis"
That being said I use ubuntu with a kubuntu desktop and I stay completely away from KDE4 until assured I can handle it. Now those who subscribe to and use KDE4 either are merely users or users with enough literacy to make serious suggestions of a developmental nature.
As a newbie subscribing to 5 forums attempting the full circle on the learning curve I can only caution to maintain an objective rather then a crisis focus.
I have made leaps and bounds in my quest and I owe it all to Linux ambassadors like yourselves who maintain perspective.
Oh yes if I high jacked the thread sorry about that.
Thank you for allowing a newbie 76 year old to bend your ear.


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