[kde-linux] KDE4 stores user info at app level

TheLateJC thelatejc at gmail.com
Wed Jan 23 22:50:27 UTC 2008

Hi guys and gals,

Firstly, love the way plasma is going, new way of thinking and it's the way

Last night I was playing around with eye candy -  themes, icons and the GUI
in general - when some 'event' occurred that resulted in my KickOff icons
going a bit strange... the 'K' icon was replaced with a big white arrow
pointing left (the icon was of the same style as the 'K' - big, blue and
white), and the logoff, shutdown, etc. icons from the 'leave' menu were all
changed to 'monitor + computer' icons. All the icons on the shutdown popup
screen (the moon window) had also changed to these 'monitor + computer'
icons. And the icons of the desktop objects had changed as well. The 'x'
(remove) icon changed to a kwrite icon, god know what the rotate icons
changed to (some gold thing) and the spanner icon had changed to something
indefinable as well.

No amount of trying to set icons or themes would change them back, so I
deleted my .kde4 directory. Everything was reset to default apart from these
broken icons! I then logged in as another user, and their icons were fine.
So I moved my whole home directory and created a new one - still the same
icons under my account were these 'my computer' imitation icons.

In the end I changed the UID of my account from 100 to 1007, restored my old
home directory, and lo and behold my icons reverted back to they way they
should be.

So what is this all about? KDE stores some stuff at an application level
regarding users? Does anyone know what is going on here?

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