[kde-linux] KDE4 stores user info at app level

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at acm.org
Sat Jan 26 11:29:53 UTC 2008

TheLateJC wrote:
> Hi guys and gals,
> Firstly, love the way plasma is going, new way of thinking and it's the 
> way ;)
> Last night I was playing around with eye candy -  themes, icons and the 
> GUI in general - when some 'event' occurred that resulted in my KickOff 
> icons going a bit strange... the 'K' icon was replaced with a big white 
> arrow pointing left (the icon was of the same style as the 'K' - big, 
> blue and white), and the logoff, shutdown, etc. icons from the 'leave' 
> menu were all changed to 'monitor + computer' icons. All the icons on 
> the shutdown popup screen (the moon window) had also changed to these 
> 'monitor + computer' icons. And the icons of the desktop objects had 
> changed as well. The 'x' (remove) icon changed to a kwrite icon, god 
> know what the rotate icons changed to (some gold thing) and the spanner 
> icon had changed to something indefinable as well.
> No amount of trying to set icons or themes would change them back, so I 
> deleted my .kde4 directory. Everything was reset to default apart from 
> these broken icons! I then logged in as another user, and their icons 
> were fine. So I moved my whole home directory and created a new one - 
> still the same icons under my account were these 'my computer' imitation 
> icons.
> In the end I changed the UID of my account from 100 to 1007, restored my 
> old home directory, and lo and behold my icons reverted back to they way 
> they should be.
> So what is this all about? KDE stores some stuff at an application level 
> regarding users? Does anyone know what is going on here?

Not exactly, but it appears to be a bug in the icon cache.

What you need to do is delete:



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