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Le mar. 11 avr. 2023 à 19:37, Palash Chowdhury <palashchowdhury1 at gmail.com>
a écrit :

> Dear Team,
> This is Palash Chowdhury (Head teacher in Sri Ramkrishna Sarada Vidyapith
> Primary School, Burdwan , West Bengal) from West Bengal currently working
> on translating the Gcompris Po file in Bengali language .
I'm one of the GCompris' maintainers. We can move this discussion to the
GCompris mailing list if needed, but if we stay here, it would be better if
you subscribe to this mailing list (so admins won't have to manually accept
your messages and we won't forget to cc you when we reply) :
https://mail.kde.org/mailman/listinfo/kde-i18n-doc. (if you prefer to
continue the discussion with GCompris team directly:

As a next step , I would like to know the following information to
> successfully launch the software in bengali language .
> 1. The location of the PO file (Bengali translated one) in the Gcompris
> software installation folder structure .
Which OS are you using?
For the process, we compile the gcompris_qt.po translation file to a .qm
file (using "lconvert -if po -of ts -i gcompris_qt.po -o gcompris_qt.ts &&
lrelease -compress -nounfinished gcompris_qt.ts -qm gcompris_bn_IN.qm") and
we copy it in the share/translations folder with the other translation
files. We don't directly use the po file.
As Bengali is not activated in GCompris (
the only way to test your file without compiling a new version would be to
change the locale directly in the configuration file:in Linux, edit
~/.config/gcompris/gcompris-qt.conf and change "locale=system" to
"locale=bn_IN.UTF-8" and start GCompris after.

> 2. Any additional steps apart from translating the po file ( I am changing
> the msgstr lines in bengali) ..
> It seems there are no Bengali maintainers.
Do you know a bit about SVN and do you want to become a one-member team
until more people come? Or would you prefer to just handle the translation
and I take care of the technical part (you send me the translated files and
I store them in the good folder)?

Once the main translation file (gcompris_qt.po) has at least 80%
translated, I will be able to activate the language in the code so it
appears in the language list and we can select it.
After doing so, I can create a version with Bengali activated
(Linux/Android/Windows depending on your needs) so you can more easily test.

> Your help in this regard would be highly appreciated .I am currently
> teaching in one of the reputed schools in West Bengal and this translation
> would help thousands of students and the entire community .
That would be really nice!

> Thanks and regards,
> Palash Chowdhury
If something is unclear, feel free to ask, it's important for us too to
include more languages so more children have access to GCompris in the
mother tongue.

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