svn up might break translations

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Sat May 21 09:08:01 BST 2022

  Hi Frederik,
  I prefer make svn up before copy new translations and go on... Possible cross translations? See the local diff.

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  On dv., de maig 20, 2022 at 23:57, Frederik Schwarzer<schwarzer at> wrote:   Hi,

we currently have a problem with our workflow.

For some time now Lokalize formats even short strings as:

msgstr ""

Our server-side scripts then update the files to make them look like:

msgstr "Foo"

If now the translator wants to commit the changes a few days later, 
svn complains that we need to run "svn up" first.

SVN performs a merge then and creates messages like:

msgstr "Foo"

... resulting in strings like "FooFoo" in the GUI.

Has enyone else seen this?


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